CPT Codes Reimbursement

How can eKlotho’s Remote Patient Monitoring help your practice with better healthcare, increased patient engagement, and improved revenue?

Healthcare providers can receive reimbursements with CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring while providing enhanced care for their chronic care patients with connected devices.

CPT CODE 99453

Practitioners can receive reimbursements by using CMS CPT Code 99453 for starting a Remote Patient Monitoring services. This is an initial setup and patient education for using the devices connected to the Remote Patient Monitoring service. This code is valid for once per episode of patient care to begin the setup of the equipment for proper treatment schedule.

Initial Setup – Once
Patient education on equipment usage
$19.03 national average

CPT CODE 99454

CMS CPT Code 99454 enables physicians to be reimbursed for monitoring patients daily using Remote Patient Monitoring. Patients use their connected devices such as blood pressure cuff, glucose monitors, pulse oximeter, and etc for their health conditions daily. These healthcare data are transferred to healthcare providers for screening of crucial health changes and patterns, and may prevent further illness or devastating health outcomes.

Billed every 30 days
Continuous device supply & monitoring
$55.77 national average

CPT CODE 99457

CPT Code 99457 is billed once the physician or clinical staff spends 20 minutes communicating with the patient or caregiver. This reimbursement is for remote monitoring of the patient and does not require the patient to visit the doctor in person.

Monthly Billing $50.18 national average

CPT Code 99458

After first 20 minutes of patient remote care is reimbursed, CPT Code 99458 allows physicians to spend more time interacting with patients to properly care for their chronic illnesses and conditions. CMS CPT Code 99458 reimburses for the additional time spent by health professionals using the Remote Patient Monitoring to keep patients healthy.

Monthly Billing $41.40 national average
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