Chronic Conditions

Remote Patient Monitoring for chronic care patients

Chronic care management for patients is more efficient with Remote Patient Monitoring.
Provide efficient care for patients with eKlotho’s hassle-free, personalized and CMS-compliant total solution.


Maintaining an acceptable blood sugar level is a key element in controlling patients’ diabetes. eKlotho’s Remote Patient Monitoring for diabetic patients can alert the physician in a timely manner when a patient’s blood sugar level is of concern. There is no cure for diabetes yet but eKlotho’s ready-to-use blood glucose meter assists healthcare providers to keep track of health trends for chronic diabetes patients.

Blood Glucose Meter for Remote Diabetes Monitoring

Using a blood glucose meter is a necessity for patients that are affected by diabetes to review any changes and trends of blood sugar level. eKlotho’s glucose meter is simple to use and handles storing and transferring of its readings behind the scenes. Healthcare providers can review and receive alerts based on the readings connected through the Remote Patient Monitors.
Remote Diabetes Patient Monitoring also serves as reminders for patients who forget to measure their readings. Caring for patients is enhanced through eKlotho’s seamless Remote Patient Monitoring.


Hypertension, widely known as high blood pressure, can cause heart problems, stroke, and even death if left untreated for an extended time period. eKlotho’s Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension aids in saving lives with easy-to-use blood pressure cuff.
Using today’s technology, the blood pressure cuff is seamlessly connected to eKlotho’s Remote Patient Monitoring system, ensuring that patient’s blood pressure level is monitored and automatically sent to the healthcare provider for a proper and prompt review.

Blood Pressure Cuff for Remote Hypertension Monitoring

It is crucial for patients with hypertension to monitor their blood pressure since such patients can have no symptoms for many years until serious health problems arise. eKlotho’s high-tech Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension uses simple-to-use blood pressure cuff to measure the readings. Healthcare practitioners can review and monitor their patients blood pressure remotely.

Weight for Obesity and Congestive Heart Failure

The percentage of the American population who is considered obese has been steadily increasing. Weight management is essential especially when there is a clear link between obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
One of the symptoms of congestive heart failure is fluid retention shown through sudden or steady weight gain. Healthcare practitioners include weight monitoring for patients to care for hypertension, cardiac events, weight management, and many other conditions.

Weight Scale for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring gives better picture of patient’s overall health. Ongoing weight monitoring benefits many patients with more personalized advice such as lifestyle changes to help in stabilizing or losing weight. With eKlotho’s ready-to-use devices, daily weight monitoring is as easy as just stepping on the scale for the patient, and reviewing the data as a part of a big picture for healthcare providers.

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